Woodhaven Space | Inspirational Venue

Woking's exclusive venue for your next corporate, training, wellbeing day or shoot location

Welcome to Woodhaven!

Surrey's new state of the art EcoSmart Venue, ideal for your next event.

The venue was designed by the owner and contains British and European made building materials and furnishings, constructed to suit allergy sufferers, complete with a heat recovery and ventilation system for your comfort.


“Some venues make learning and development difficult, some facilitate it and a few positively stimulate it. Woodhaven is one of the few! It combines well-appointed formal space for presentational work and comfortable, stylish informal space for reflection and practice. Nicky’s welcome is warm, her support is prompt and unobtrusive and her catering is superb. We’ll be back.”

Alan Robertson - Director, Business Cognition Ltd Voiceprint

Kate Plowright - Selling Savvy

“Woodhaven is a truly unique venue. I ran a training morning there recently, and the space really is one of a kind. There are several areas that can all be used in different ways to bring out the best in attendees. I had never imagined that the surroundings and feel of a venue could influence the success of a meeting so much, but Woodhaven honestly brought the best out of everything ... We will definitely be back!”

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