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Our Eco-Credentials

Woodhaven is a purpose-built, eco-smart venue with wellbeing and sustainability at its foundation. Nicky researched healthy buildings, whilst designing and selecting the exterior fabric of the building through to internal finishes every inch of the buildings’ interior and exterior has been researched and meticulously planned to ensure it is a ‘healthy-building’ that is both self-sustaining and efficient.

Greengage Award - Platinum-03.png

The building above ground is SIPS panels (recycled timber insulated with rapeseed oil set hard as a resin) – a fabulous natural insulator. Whilst below ground is a waterproof, sound insulated eco-crete box. The front elevation is clad in brick with handmade clay roof tiles whilst at the rear we are wood clad “woodhaven”.

Where possible, the old footings, concrete and timber were reused to make the shuttering for the basement. The basement provides quiet space for the eco-plant utilised; from the equipment for the pool/spa including a separate micro-climate for the pool room as the equipment recycles its own heat from the air and the water is filtered with oxygen and ozone to keep the chemicals down. Solar utilised for the hot water, our rain harvest tank ensures the garden is always green too.

Solar PV 2.jpeg

The water filtration systems remove heavy metals, hormones, antibiotics and micro plastics from the water. Woodhaven bottles its own still and sparkling filtered water lowering the building and the owners carbon footprint.

pool and spa (credit Seymours).jpg
H2O tap (credit Seymours).jpg

Natural washable window and ceiling blinds throughout Woodhaven help to reduce solar gain on hot days and retain warmth in the winter reducing the use of the underfloor heating. The floors are made from solid CE oak and Natural stone features throughout the building. There are no curtains or carpets to minimise allergens.


With the installation of triple-glazed, no trickle vent, windows, this enables the state-of-the-art MHVR system to keep humidity levels to around 30% ensuring dust mites cannot thrive. The air system filters incoming air for pollen/pollution and together with air from the plant rooms/bathrooms, is warmed via a heat exchanger, to reduce the use of heating throughout the building.


All lighting is 100% low energy and all appliances are maximum efficiency. There are many living plants throughout Woodhaven to support a natural environment too. A digital tap in the cloakroom with washable micro towels reduces waste. Sustainability with day-to-day items e.g labelling your own water glass avoids unnecessary waste/washing up and healthy food, fruit and veg grown here or sourced locally and prepared fresh from scratch, is all part of our ethos.

Natural materials, both hidden in the build and exposed (wood, glass and stone) are utilised throughout Woodhaven to keep it a ‘healthy building’. The wood is finished using traditional methods to reduce the need for chemical/paint maintenance in the future.

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