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Wellbeing Wednesday

My first blog...or musings one might say...

What’s been “the” outstanding Covid webinar that you have attended since Covid changed your way of working? I would ❤️ to know !

For me it was last night, an incredibly positive “how to be happy” by the Israeli-American teacher Tal Ben-Shahar founder of Happiness Studies Academy an event organised and hosted by Mark Williamson Co founder of Action for Happiness also recommended by Michelle Tucker MInstLM

My TOP takeaways... some of these I have of course known and “ use “ some I am not so “good” at really practising even though I do use them... we are all work in progress, being kind to ourself is not easy for many😀

PTG Post traumatic growth - many more experience than PTSD but only if you are positive and know of it’s existence... WOW!

Stress is good. Lack of recovery is not. E.g working your muscles in a gym causes stress, give it a day to recover before doing it again is the same as if you are under stress mentally - give yourself a break, talk it thru, be kind - both physically and mentally.

The #1 indicator for success is good, strong relationships - parents, a partner or children maybe a friend... if you haven’t “any“ at least work on one !

Building good relationships - you may not have all the above, but ensure you have “ A “ strong relationship to draw on - my parents have always been incredibly inspirational ! Not just to myself, my siblings and our children - their strong, loving marriage is obvious to all who know them ❤️ who inspires you? Ask or observe learn how to bring this forth into your life...

Listening - we all want to be heard and active listening is hard, especially when we are under stress and are trying to do it all...

Promote Kindness - a driver for happiness, deepen relationships - especially the relationship with yourself ! kindness is contagious 😊

Crying is healing.. oxytocin is released... just like stroking a pet🐱🐶do both !

Being active... makes us physically tougher and psychologically stronger too!

Really listening - is being mindful it’s a form of meditation - Make “daily change” make it a goal to focus on the present...

When you listen - other people feel heard - it’s a gift you can give 🎁

Be a giver, taker and matcher! E.g yes help your children and go and play with them, but say “ I will do that I am just “working out” or whatever you are doing and will be with you in 10 minutes... “give” to yourself first before “always” giving to others..

Be Self-full - Self care isn’t selfish or selfless ! Compassion fatigue is real...

Give yourself permission to be human

Ask yourself what is really important to me... go for low hanging fruit, one point at a time

Spend 15 mins a day being extra kind...

Finding a sense of purpose... hopeless becomes hopeful...

Depression is sadness without hope, so be kind to help build “hope” which helps others feel hopeful too !

Express gratitude and meditate daily - just stopping and taking a few slow deep breaths is a form of meditation and will help to build mental resilience and helps to control anger...

Do you practise ”Gratitude“ I often ask myself or my children - What 3 things you are grateful for today? Every morning and every evening is Wonderful!

Have you heard of journaling - do you write one? If you write in a journal, you are journeying in... love this expression!

From other Attendees I also learned...

In Amsterdam, the missing of physical closeness, touching and hugs has a name


In Scotland there is an expression.. the sting of a jellyfish leaves with the tide...❤️ Love this too as I always tell my children that emotions are waves - we feel them amd it’s vital, but also must then let them go...

What have you learned ? Do share your learnings..


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