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GF Oat, Apple and Almond butter Pancake recipe

With Pancake day tomorrow and a lack of healthy, gluten free tasty but filling options around... I thought I’d share my delicious gluten free pancake recipe which delivers sustainable nutrition - Great for breakfast !


To make approx 15 breakfast pancakes

Grind up oats - produce a cup of oat flour or use oatmeal

2 generous tablespoons almond butter

1 cored Apple grated (skin on)

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon to taste

3 eggs

200 mls (approx) milk, dairy or non-dairy alternative

1 tablespoon milled flaxseed e.g Linwoods (optional)

2 teaspoons approx maple syrup

Blend well...

Grease a non stick pancake or flat frying pan, medium heat, when hot, drop spoonfuls of thick mixture, press down with back of silicone spatula, await bubbles rising....

Turn and just brown the other side

Serve with fresh berries, mango or other fruit of choice with a big blob of yoghurt or drizzle with maple syrup if you fancy... makes a fabulous nutritious breakfast with a long drink of tea or hot water, this should keep you going for hours due to the protein from the nut butter and the slow release oats or an after school treat if supper will be a few hours away....let me know how you get on Nicky x


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