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All about Woodhaven

We thought this week’s blog would be the perfect opportunity to re-introduce Woodhaven space: the reasons behind setting up the venue, how we operate to remain eco-friendly and the events we offer.

Why was Woodhaven set-up?

Nicky Yates, co-founder of Woodhaven space alongside husband Jeremy had a vision of building a home tailored to their family of allergy sufferers. After six years of construction, Woodhaven was finally signed off in 2018 and the family have hardly used their inhalers since. Both Nicky and Jeremy previously worked in the corporate world, as a result they craved a better work-life balance in which health and well-being lay at the centre of their work, hence the creation of Woodhaven.

How does the venue operate in an eco-friendly way?

So, how does a building which covers over 7,200 sq ft. remain eco-friendly? Firstly, Woodhaven uses and reclaims its own heat using the heat recovery and ventilation system (HVAC). The stale warm air heats the fresh air coming in through the heat exchange and filtration system, ensuring that pollen and pollution is cut out. On top of this, the walls are insulated with rapeseed oil set as a hard resin, in a recent Times Earth article Nicky explained that ‘It’s a natural health insulator that makes the walls breathable, there are not many houses like this around – only 0.2 percent are built to be breathable.”.

Furthermore, the humidity levels always stay below 30 percent, meaning it’s as healthy inside as it is in the garden. The water from our tap is purified to filter hormones, antibiotics, heavy metals, and micro plastics. Our beautiful swimming pool is also oxygen and ozone filtered without the use of chemicals. Nicky tends to a vegetable patch in the garden meaning the food cooked for her family and guests is often home grown, or organically and locally sourced. We are striving to make Woodhaven even more eco-friendly, for example, at the moment the team are looking into new heat pumps.

What events do we offer?

As well as being eco-friendly Woodhaven space is also extremely dynamic, we offer a range of events:

  • Micro-weddings

  • Corporate days

  • Well-being retreats

  • Memorials

  • Shoots

  • Milestone birthdays

  • Yoga/Pilates sessions

… and so much more!

If you’re interested in hosting an event at Woodhaven or learning more about what we do please don’t hesitate to contact us via our social media channels or enquire on our website.

We will reply as quickly as possible!

The Woodhaven Team.


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